Music and vibrations

Since 2010 all the bottles ageing on lees in our cellars are lulled by the sound of the great composers. And since 2012 we have been playing music in our vineyards to stimulate the natural resistance of the vines.

Inherited my love of music from my great grandfather, my granfather and my father, all three of them were members of the village band.

Germain, my grandfather, was born for music; he would have liked to make music his career, but his path was laid out for him in the vineyards.

His love of music never disappeared and i spent many an hour listening to him practice on the baritone saxophone; he taught me how to beat time and we used to listen to concerts on the radio together in the afternoon.

The village band was disbanded in the 1950s and music lessons in the village stopped too.

That’s one the reasons why i’ve never learned to play any instrument, but my grandfather’s spirit is still in me.

I don’t just listen to music, i feel it; it gives me emotions and makes me resonate; it make me happy or sad.

Once, when i was in Switzerland in 2009, i was lucky enaough to visit a winery where the barrels were flooded with music. It took just a few words to convince me.

My decision was made: "May champagnes are going to age to the sounds of music tool!"