Our history

The origins of Champagne Apollonis can be traced back through Michel Loriot's family to the 17th century when his ancestors started growing vines in 1675. Since then 12 generations have followed including Palmyre and Leopold who built the village's very first press house in 1903.


Léopold Loriot - Palmyre Angelina Maximy

Léopold Loriot
& Palmyre Angelina Maximy


Germain - Palmyre Henrielle Loriot

Germain &
Henrielle Loriot


Henri - Jeanne Loriot

Henri &
Jeanne Loriot


Martine - Michel Loriot

Michel Loriot


Marie - alban Loriot

Alban Loriot

Throughout several sheet music collections ...

The history of Champagne Michel LORIOT is played across several scores. Through times and following its actors' impulse, a great brand has come. Ingenuity and willpower get mixed up with quality in a stave worthy of the most beautiful works of Champagne. Music:

Champagne Apollonis

The LORIOT family gave the first notes to the Champagne at the end of the 19th century with Leopold (who was born in 1867) and his wife Palmyre Angelina Maximy. Strong figure herself of the Champagne LORIOT, she followed the lead of her forebear Mathurin Leboucq, wine grower in Nesle-le-Repons since 1675. A prelude in the heart of La Vallée de la Marne, where Leopold, saxophone player in the Festigny brass band, was the first one to set up a press in the village in 1903. This traditional press has been a symbolic centre piece in the Champagne Michel LORIOT’S HISTORY. It gave rhythm to many of harvests and is still kept today in the House cellars.

The Champagne, crescendo…

In the 1920s, the champagne vineyard faced a devastating phylloxera epidemic. Following advices from Burgundy, Leopold applied to his vine a stopgap process that is new in Champagne, the grafting. At this time, grape sales are bad paid and Germain, in 1931, is forced, with his wife Henriette, to produce and market the first three hundred bottles of Champagne of the House! When their son Henri took over, the sales rate started growing up. In 1952, Henri extended the estate with the support of his wife Jeanne and the couple gave birth to Michel in 1959.
Michel LORIOT, a wine grower and a music lover...
Michel LORIOT inherited the family heritage: the wine growing but also the passion for music... With Martine Pierson, his partner, he settled down his wine farm in 1977 with a small part of vines. Marked with his music appeal, he tuned it with his Champagne vocation.
Thus, several plots of Champagne Michel LORIOT benefit from a process bearing fruits and previously unseen in Champagne: the music for plants also called "protéodie". Michel LORIOT applies this process to his vine to better resist to diseases and open up.
Symphonies work for the vines... and in the cellars! Indeed, Michel LORIOT signs his wine with a selection of great classics. The most famous composers rock the bottled wines. During two months, the bottle fermentation is made with the sound of the Beethoven’s Pastoral Symphony. Then, Mozart, Brahms, Vivaldi or Elgar are invited in the Champagne Michel LORIOT cellars and take part in the magic of the high quality fermentation. The notes arising from these melodies bring vibrations that reach the wine, the yields and the proteins of which it is composed. They act on its structure and help it to express all its perfumes and aromas during its ageing. The harmony of the elements is created... and Michel LORIOT can also feel the emotion brought by the music and translated in his champagnes.

Wine growers in unison...

In the family wine farm, the passion for music and wine growing is shared by Martine and Michel LORIOT, as well as Marie, their daughter, oenologist, and Alban, her husband, production manager. The tenth generation of wine growers of the family is managing the wine farm. A lasting adventure since 1675...